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29 Uitenhage families receive title deeds from Nelson Mandela Bay Metro

Nov 29, 2016
29 Uitenhage families receive title deeds from Nelson Mandela Bay Metro

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip, and Member of the Mayoral Committee for Human Settlements, Nqaba Bhanga, on Monday handed over title deeds to 29 families in Tiryville, Uitenhage.

"Today marks an important day for 29 Tiryville families in Uitenhage as they have received title deeds to their homes," said Mayor Trollip.

"The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is in the process of auditing RDP homes to determine their rightful owners. We want to ensure that every homeowner receives a title deed, so as to restore dignity to our communities."

He said that furthermore, the Metro wants to put a stop to the illegal and fraudulent allocation of RDP homes that has plagued this municipality for too many years.

"Initially, the municipality had planned to build 187 houses in Tiryville but this was prevented by the problematic soil conditions in the area. The number of units was then reduced to 116, all of which have now been completed.

"A total of 103 title deeds have been audited for this community, 74 of which have already been handed out, with the balance of 29 having been distributed [on Monday]," said Trollip.

"The majority of today's beneficiaries are between the ages of 30 to 50 years and are now fully registered homeowners. For too long, residents of this Metro have been at the mercy of political leaders who didn't care enough to take the issue of housing seriously."

He added that with the new DA-led coalition government now in office, there is a renewed sense of hope as the administration works to restore dignity and bring change to Nelson Mandela Bay.

"The new leadership has been hard at work expediting the process of handing over title deeds to Nelson Mandela Bay families. At the same time, we have been driving a parallel process of auditing the handover list to ensure that the names reflected in the title deeds matched those of the occupants.

"This government is committed to restoring people's dignity while ensuring that all due processes in the housing allocation programme are implemented in a fair and just manner that resonates with accountability," said Trollip.

"Over the next few months, we will be distributing hundreds of title deeds to rightful homeowners across the Metro as we deliver on our promise to usher in an era of freedom, fairness and opportunity for all."