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3.8 magnitude earthquake rocks Johannesburg

3.8 magnitude earthquake rocks Johannesburg

A 3.8 magnitude earthquake hit Johannesburg in the early hours of Friday morning – this time with no casualties, according to paramedics.

Johannesburg emergency services as well as ER24 paramedics were waiting to be called out after the earthquake; however, they said there were no reports of injuries and no call outs.

According to the Council for Geosciences, the earthquake occurred 12 kilometres west of Orange Farm at 1am on Friday morning. This is the second earthquake to hit South Africa in the past three weeks.

Michelle Grobbelaar, Manager at the Council for Geosciences, said the quake hit Carletonville, which is 70 kilometres away from Orange Farm.

"After that, there were several aftershocks," she noted. There were two major tremors that occurred after the initial earthquake, one being at the magnitude of 3.2 and the other at 2.

"The other aftershocks were smaller ones," she added.

Earlier reports in the media had said it was a 4.6 magnitude quake.

After the 5.5 magnitude earthquake which rocked Orkney on the 5th of August, Chris Hartnady, Research and Technical Director at Umvoto Africa said that South Africa should expect more tremors at the same magnitude over the next few weeks.

Grobbelaar said at the time, "The rule of thumb in seismology is that history repeats itself. We can get those magnitudes of 5.5 coming back. We can't say when it will happen but we can expect another one.”

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