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3 Ways to organise your office for maximum efficiency

3 Ways to organise your office for maximum efficiency

It’s hard to get things done in the office when it looks like a tornado of toddlers went through everything. Here are some helpful ways in which you can de-clutter your office and do your work without any hassles or added stress.

Step 1: Start the Purge

Perhaps the most important part of getting your office back to its efficient state is getting rid of unnecessary things and putting the necessary things in a proper place. Think about the layout of your office; plan the placing of your items around your daily tasks to create a fluent and efficient workplace.

Step 2: Sort out your Documents

Be they paper or on your PC, keeping important documents or non-important documents in the right places will make working more efficient and manageable. Create areas on your desk or PC to organise your files, making sure to label them properly so that you can find them.

With modern technology we can keep digital copies of important printed documents to make sure that we never lose them doing this will ease your stress and lessen clutter.

Make sure all your emails have been checked and organised. Keep the important ones in places that are easily accessible and delete spam, junk or mail you no longer need to make space.

Step 3: Revamp your desk space

Make sure that every day work items you use are within arm’s reach at all times on your desk - this will help avoid a pile up of stationary.

Create  a filing system, either on your PC or a physical one, to organise your work projects and documents associated with them, label the different folders or trays as; Inbox, In-progress, and Complete, this will let you know what has been done and what still needs to be done, thus easing your stress.

Be sure to keep track of deadlines and expiration dates on assignments or documents. Files that are no longer needed or that have already been dealt with can be tossed away, and ones that are due soon should be placed on top of your ‘In-progress’ tray. This is another way to get rid of clutter and provide more space.