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50 drunk drivers arrested in East London in one night

Jul 17, 2017
50 drunk drivers arrested in East London in one night

It's shocking that 50 people can get arrested for drunk driving in one night given the danger it poses to the drunk driver and those around him or her.

According to police spokesperson, Capt Nkosikho Mzuku, the 50 suspects were arrested by police in Mdantsane and Cambridge in East London on Saturday night.

"Several road blocks were held to enforce compliance to rules of the road by all road users. One of the main contributors to crime is excessive use of alcohol," said Capt Mzuku.

"It is against the law to drive motor vehicle whilst excessively under the influence of liquor. This conduct puts the lives of other law abiding citizens at risk of accidents which lead to unnecessary fatalities.

"It is in this light that we view the seriousness of this offence. We urge all the intoxicated drivers to think twice before getting behind the wheel."

He said that the suspects will appear in the Mdantsane and East London Magistrates’ Court soon on charges of drunken driving.

Mdantsane Cluster Commander, Major General Henry Vos, further urged the members of the public to comply with the law.

"We are not only going to focus on the roads. We will enforce the compliance to alcohol licence conditions at the taverns especially availability of bouncers and closing times," he said.