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702 manhole covers replaced in three months

OCTOBER 20, 2014
702 manhole covers replaced in three months

A total of 702 manhole covers have had to be replaced in Nelson Mandela Bay in just three months, according to a report submitted to the Infrastructure, Engineering and Energy Committee.

The report states that the theft and vandalism of stormwater manhole covers and other related infrastructure is one of the challenges facing the directorate in addressing the stormwater infrastructure maintenance backlog.

It states that the lack of funding, however, is the biggest challenge, pointing out that manpower and resources are less than they were 20 years ago, despite the fact that there have been increases in stormwater infrastructure as a result of the increasing number of houses being built and new areas developed.

The report states that other challenges are ageing infrastructure and the need for Supply Chain Management to expedite the appointment of service providers to improve service delivery. - metrominutes


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