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Port Elizabeth police warn of SASSA fraudsters targeting the elderly

Feb 17, 2016
Port Elizabeth police warn of SASSA fraudsters targeting the elderly

Police in Port Elizabeth are warning the elderly in the city to be wary of persons approaching them posing as employees from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). 

"Several cases of Fraud are currently under investigation whereby elderly pensioners are conned and money withdrawn from their accounts," said police spokesperson, Colonel Priscilla Naidu.

"It is alleged that people are visiting homes and producing ‘SASSA’ identification cards and inform the pensioners that they are doing inspections to confirm whether the card holder is still alive.

"They then ask for the card, identity document and PIN number. The details are recorded on a tablet and they leave. 

"The suspects then go online and withdraw cash from the unsuspecting pensioner’s account."

She said that investigations revealed that SASSA is unaware of this and they have informed police that no such inspections are carried out by their employees.

"Police believe other people may have fallen victims to this scam but have not reported any cases.  

"Pensioners are warned not to give any details especially their ID numbers to anyone visiting their homes," Naidu said.

"Instead, inform the persons that they (the pensioner) will personally call at the SASSA office or will make contact themselves with the office.

"If unsure about the nature of the visit, always call someone who can interrogate and question the persons visiting. Never be fooled by smooth talking, friendly and well attired people.

"The elderly are vulnerable and can very easily fall prey to con artists."

The SAPS is committed in ensuring that all people, including our vulnerable groups in society are and feel safe. Any person, who suspect that they have been conned through this modus operandi is asked to contact D/W/O Van Dyk at SAPS Algoa Park on 041 4091048/45.