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800 years of loyal service at Volkswagen honoured

MARCH 31, 2016
800 years of loyal service at Volkswagen honoured

Volkswagen South Africa recently honoured 20 of its employees with over 40 years of service. Twelve of the 20 long serving employees received their 40-year service awards from the Chairman and Managing Director of VWSA, Thomas Schaefer during the annual Employee Recognition gala event, Naledi Awards.

With a cumulative 800 years of service to the company, the 20 employees have worked in different divisions of the Uitenhage factory with the majority coming from Production and Logistics.

"I was still a young boy when these special employees started working at Volkswagen back in 1975. For me, their loyalty and service to the Uitenhage factory is truly incredible and highly appreciated by the Board of Management," said Schaefer.

Back in 1975, VWSA was only 24 years-old and manufactured the Beetle, T2 Kombi, as well as the Passat, which was in its second year of production and had already passed the 10 000 mark. Its cousin, the Audi 80, which was the first Audi to be produced in Uitenhage, was launched in South Africa that year.

1975 was also the year that VWSA manufactured its 500 000th vehicle, which included the 100 000th Transporter or Volksie Bus. This was an exciting era to join the automotive industry and especially Volkswagen.

Arnold Niemand, one of the 40-year long service award recipients, commented: "Back in our days when you joined a company you joined it for life. Hence 40 years later, I am still proudly working for Volkswagen."

"One can amass a wealth of skills and expertise in 40 years and at VWSA we encourage our long serving employee to share their knowledge with the younger generation of employees. We are proud to have colleagues with this level of loyalty and dedication? to our company," concluded Schaefer.

Image: Thomas Schaefer, Chairman and Managing Director of Volkswagen Group South Africa with the employees that were honoured for 40 years of service to Volkswagen. Supplied