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83-year-old veteran writer and wife attacked at home

JUNE 19, 2015
83-year-old veteran writer and wife attacked at home

Renowned journalist and author, Humphrey Tyler, 83, was left dazed and disoriented after he and his wife Pat, 82, were attacked on Friday at their Bedford home in the Eastern Cape interior.

The couple had returned from shopping in the small village and parked their car when a man appeared in front of their garage.

“I got out of the car. When I turned around there was a man right in front on me – I thought I was hallucinating,” Pat said.

The man pushed her aside and lunged at Tyler, head-butting him on his temple. Tyler, who has had a hip and knee replacement, tried fending off the attacker with his walking stick.

The man grabbed Tyler’s wallet and cellphone and ran.

“I’m feeling very woozy,” said Tyler, “but I am having a medicinal brandy.”

Police found a hole cut into the fence where it appears the attacker entered and left the property. A docket has been opened.

Tyler was the only journalist in the crowd at Sharpeville on March 21 1960 and wrote a book Life in the Time of Sharpeville.