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88 land matters still awaiting approval by Mandela Bay council

SEPTEMBER 22, 2014
88 land matters still awaiting approval by Mandela Bay council

A total of 88 land matters - applications for the sale and lease of land, as well as sub-division, rezoning and removal of restrictions - are still awaiting approval by the Nelson Mandela Bay Council.

Among the matters awaiting approval is one for the rezoning of land on Brookes Hill Drive to Residential 3 so as to allow for the construction of an apartment block with a maximum height of 10 storeys and 80 units.

Also still awaiting approval is the closure and rezoning of two erven in Knowles Street, Mount Croix for the development of social housing.

There have been numerous objections to the proposal.

In his report to Council, Mayor Ben Fihla recommends that a height restriction of a maximum of four stories should be placed on the development and that building plans should not be signed off until such time as all on-site parking has been physically provided in accordance with the building plans.

Also awaiting approval is a recommendation by the Human Settlements Committee that Council’s Special Consent should be granted for a property in Edmonds Road, Theescombe to be used as a guest house.

Approval is subject to there being a maximum of five guest rooms and that it not be used either for student or backpacker accommodation.

Other matters that remain on the agenda following the early termination of last week’s meeting concern additional funding for Integrated Public Transport System (IPTS) infrastructure projects.

Council must also consider an item on the provision of start-up and operating funding for the secondary taxi cooperative that will be part of the operations of the IPTS.

Further, Council must approve the multi-year budget for the metro that includes the proposed property rates and service charges for the next three years, as well as details with regard to the collection rate of 94% upon which the budget is premised and projections regarding revenue and expenditure. - metrominutes