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Trollip to make follow-up visits to wards as Metro takes aim at administration claims

By Charl Bosch - Jun 2, 2016
Trollip to make follow-up visits to wards as Metro takes aim at administration claims

Democratic Alliance (DA) Eastern Cape leader, and Nelson Mandela Bay mayoral candidate Athol Trollip, has vowed to make follow-up visit to the each of the Metro’s 60 wards over the next thirty days.

Addressing members, supporters and the media at the Feather Market Centre in Port Elizabeth on Wednesday evening to mark nine weeks before the August third local government elections, Trollip said the party “has worked tirelessly” to understand the plight of residents since launching its radical 60 wards in 60 days campaign nine months ago, and that it has become clear that change is needed to turn the Metro around.

“Why is Nelson Mandela Bay renowned for hiring convicted criminals, R2-billion wasteful expenditure, water losses, collapsing infrastructure and countless bucket toilets? Why do we suffer collapsing roads and RDP houses, 50% youth unemployment, and murderous gangsterism and crime?” Trollip said.

“There is no passion, energy and commitment to solving problems; instead there is a general lack of accountability. The ANC administration is quickly backing itself into a precarious corner as it scrambles to cover up 20 years of horrific governance”.

Aside from promising to return to each ward, Trollip also launched the next phase of the party’s campaign, which aims to “move the Metro forward” and have “every resident stand-up and be counted”.

“Jobs must be created by investing in infrastructure led growth that provides the environment conducive to private sector investment. Through the creation of a fair and comprehensive Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP), thousands more people will be able to access employment opportunities,” he said.

Trollip said that the party, if elected, would make it a priority to work together with local businesses to promote the Metro locally and nationally, and that it would continue to crackdown down on routing out corruption.

“We will establish an effective system to process complaints and to report corruption. Government staff will be appointed fairly, based on the value that they add, councillors and other public representatives will be excluded from EPWP recruitment and the tender process will be open at the adjudication stage,” he said.

“We need to make our communities safe by introducing an effective and properly-trained metro police service, with specialised units that focus on priority crimes like gangsterism and drugs. By standing up for change, the people of Nelson Mandela Bay can vote for a government that delivers better services, stops corruption and creates jobs”.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has meanwhile rubbished claims by DA Caucus leader Retief Odendaal that the Metro would be placed under administration within the next thirty days, after obtaining a fifth consecutive qualified Auditor-General report with fruitless and wasteful expenditure totalling R1.7-billion.

“Having failed to pass the City’s budget on Monday due to legislative irregularities, [Executive Mayor Danny] Jordaan’s administration is now forced to draft a new budget before council is placed under administration on the 30th June 2016. With an already long list of broken promises, the current ANC administration has all but imploded,” Odendaal said in a statement.

Acting City Manager John Mettler however said the Metro is stable with there being a zero percent chance of it being placed under administration.

“The amount of R1.7-billion relates to audited findings for the 2014/15 financial years. This amount was already in the public domain in November 2015 and has absolutely nothing to do with the current Budget,” he said.

“The municipality has cash holdings of R2-billion in the bank and we hold the second highest Moody’s credit rating among all the metropolitan municipalities in the country”.