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A FIRM FACIAL LIFT: Refresh yourself at Sheer Indulgence Health & Beauty Studio

A FIRM FACIAL LIFT: Refresh yourself at Sheer Indulgence Health & Beauty Studio

With the Christmas party season upon us and me wanting to be the ‘belle of the ball’ in every one, I recently treated myself to a DermaCell Enzyme Maxi Lift treatment at Sheer Indulgence Health & Beauty Studio, situated at the Bloomingdales Lifestyle Village in Walmer, Port Elizabeth. The studio is owned by renowned beauty therapist, Burnadette Botha.

I found the décor inside, which was an eclectic blend of soft mauves and creams, warm and inviting, just like Burnadette’s personality.

My one and three quarter hour treatment started with a deep cleanse followed by a gentle facial scrub with a product that reminded me of a citrus orchard. Burnadette then applied the enzyme mask from just behind the ears and worked her way to my neck and forehead. The mask is very thick but does not hurt. Its natural scented ingredients also smelled heavenly.

Burnadette explained to me that the DermaCell enzymes, which are biological catalysts, infiltrate the skin, dissolves dead tissue and revitalise the skin without using harmful chemicals. While it has effective anti-ageing agents, unlike similar treatments, DermaCell does not contain cortisone or antibiotics.

In effect, the natural enzymes and ingredients exfoliate and replenish your skin without you being aware of it- scrubbing is not necessary either. Once the enzyme mask was applied, Burnadette advised me that it would have to remain on my face for approximately 45 minutes and must be completely dry before being removed.

With soft music playing in the background, I relaxed for about 20 minutes before Burnadette returned and gave me a Indian Head Massage. She followed it up with an arm and hand massage which left me feeling completely at peace.

As the mask dried, I felt some skin contractions, itchiness and warmth, which is all normal Burnadette advised me. The enzyme mask was then gently wiped away with a warm towel. To complete my treatment, she applied a moisturising serum to seal my face.

Looking in the mirror, I immediately could see a difference in my skin tone. It was glowing, clearer and felt smoother. For anyone looking for a relaxing moment of indulgence, I can highly recommend you try Sheer Indulgence Beauty Salon. Burnadette made me feel like I was her only customer. The DermaCell Enzyme Mask Maxi Lift also works well with all skin types – especially sensitive ones, and is well priced.

Sheer Indulgence is open Monday to Friday from 7:00-18:00 and to 13:00 on Saturdays.

To book your appointment or find out about her other treatments, call 083 384 7647 or email [email protected].