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A fresh new look for the Paediatric Ward in Livingstone Hospital

By Jesica Slabbert - Jul 19, 2017
A fresh new look for the Paediatric Ward in Livingstone Hospital

As part of their contribution to Mandela Day, Project Sparkle PE kicked off a new long term project that will see them repainting the Orthopaedic Paediatric Ward at Livingstone Hospital.

With volunteers from Netcare Greenacres Hospital and assistance from local Port Elizabeth comedian, Roland Gaspar, walls were painted and windows were scrubbed clean all for the children in Livingstone Hospital.

“The idea is to refurbish the entire ward over the next few months. Today with friends, Estelle Ellis from Project Sparkle PE as our co-ordinater and with Netcare Greenacres who have brought a whole lot of their cleaning staff,” said Roland Gaspar.

Non-hazardous paint was donated by Gaseb Chemicals, while Buco in Humansdorp donated brushes, trays and other tools for the job. By the end of the day almost everything had been completely painted with volunteers assisting until 5pm. 

“Two wards will be done today, and the idea is for it to be the beginning of all the other wards being done. Hopefully as other people see this and get excited and come on board, we can do this entire floor within 2017.”

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