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A GLAMOUROUS SUMMER!: Get your chicest hair makeover at The Dean of Hair

A GLAMOUROUS SUMMER!: Get your chicest hair makeover at The Dean of Hair

In summer, we get sun-tanned, the water gets warmer, the drinks get colder, the music gets louder, the nights get longer, everyone comes out to play and life just gets better! A bad hair day is one thing you would not want to get in your way…

So, if you are still rocking that same hair style you had this whole winter, it might be time for drastic action. I also recently felt the need to add a little zing to my hair colour so as to match a colourful wardrobe that I will unleash this spring.

I, once again, returned to The Dean of Hair - whom I wrote about in the August edition of Home, Food & Travel magazine. Excited about my makeover, I made my appointment as early as possible for a Saturday morning styling.

On arrival, I sat with Dean, owner and head stylist, and looked through their comprehensive hair colour charts. Being a brunette, I felt I needed a subtle, sun-kissed, natural brown tint. With Dean’s guidance, we eventually decided on a new style that has made me somewhat of a hot topic wherever I go.

Once the colour was applied, I sat back and relaxed while everything set in. Meanwhile, Dean offered me a superb cup of coffee and a slice of scrumptious velvet cake. About half an hour later, the colour had set.

Dean eased me over to a washing basin where his assistant, Babes, pampered me with the most sensational Indian Head Massage – I actually needed one. Thereafter, it was time to dry and straighten my new tresses.

I was pleasantly surprised that the colour had come out exactly as portrayed on their hair colour charts – you seldom get what you see at most salons. I was so excited about the results and could not wait to show off my new hair to the world that I quickly settled my bill, said goodbyes and left.

From start to finish, Dean was completely professional and attended to each of my desires and requests. Like most of you, I am also very fussy about my hair colour. Needless to say, I was extremely impressed with Dean’s work and can highly recommend him to anyone looking for a fresh new look this summer.

“The mark of a great hairdo is a manageable style suits your lifestyle, looks and personality. Over the years in the industry I have tried to offer this winning combination to my new and long standing clientele,” Dean told me. To find out more or to book a treatment, call 041 365 4181 today.


Photo courtesy of www.trendshaircut.com