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A new season from Cerebos

May 11, 2017
A new season from Cerebos

There’s far more to cooking than adding salt. As the world’s best chefs will tell you, its seasoning that makes good food great food.

That’s why Cerebos has added three exciting new seasoning salts to its flavoursome family - Seasoning Salt, Chicken Seasoning and Sriracha Salt.

“We started out with our popular Salt & Pepper, added Braai Salt and Flame Grilled Barbeque Seasoning as well as Garlic & Herb and Salt and Vinegar to give popcorn and snacks a little more pizazz,” says Jackie Nkadimeng Cerebos Marketing Manager.  “Now we’ve come up with three exciting blends that combine our signature salt with selected herbs and spices to add that extra zing to every meal you are inspired to make.’

The possibilities are endless. Cerebos seasoning salts add special flavour when used in cooking or as finishing salts. You can use them to liven up a braai, spice up roasts or even perk up a pasta.

Meet the newcomers:

Seasoning Salt: We’ve found the perfect way to boost breakfast. This flavourful combo adds oomph to eggs. Drizzle on mealies, fries or hash browns.

Chicken Seasoning: This is a chicken dinner winner. We love using this delicious blend to season chicken or vegetables before roasting or grilling. Rub down some chicken wings or sosaties before braaing or sprinkle into a pan when browning chicken pieces for a casserole or a potjie.

Sriracha Salt: We’ve borrowed some flavours from the popular hot chilli sauce used in Thailand and created seasoning salt that can add a little bite to everything from seafood and burgers to stews and soup.

CerebosSeasoning Salt, Chicken Seasoning Salt and Sriracha Salt are already on the shelves at all major retailers around the country. Look out for our displays and our all new packaging during your next grocery shop.