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A stronger, fitter and healthier you is only 20 minutes away

A stronger, fitter and healthier you is only 20 minutes away

Getting fit and healthy has been the biggest trend in the last few years, but achieving this goal seems to be an ongoing struggle.

Body20 Fitness Studio, situated in Walmer, Port Elizabeth, offers a new approach to fitness through a personal training service called EMS training. For those not familiar with EMS training it involves being strapped into a suit, plugged into a machine and having electric impulses sent directly to the major muscles groups. This might sound a little daunting but read on and see how this technology can benefit you.

Technically, EMS stands for electro muscle stimulation and is the process whereby the suit, fitted with electro pads, sends electric impulses directly to the muscles, causing a deep muscle contraction. The technology mimics the natural process whereby the central nervous system sends impulses to the muscles to cause an action or contraction.

Previously, it was adapted by German company, Miha Bodytec, for the therapeutic practices of assisting injured or bed ridden patients to regain muscle strength and later re-engineered the suit for recreational training purposes.

The suit comprises of a jacket, arm, leg and bum straps, and the technology is able to send impulses to all the major muscle groups ensuring that you receive a full body workout. During the workout, you can choose to focus on strengthening and toning lean muscle mass or do a more advanced cardio workout focusing on weight loss and cellulite reduction, even better for those with circulatory conditions you can do a lymphatic drainage massage to get rid of toxins and improve overall health and wellbeing. The best part is that one session only takes 20 minutes which is equivalent to a 12 hour weight training workout at a conventional gym.

No matter what the need, EMS training can give benefits beyond the fitness aspects such as alleviating back pain through core strengthening, easing of joint and injury pain, strengthening core, correcting muscular imbalance, increased circulation, reduced cellulite, weight loss and improved endurance.

With fully customisable training packages, less time spent training while obtaining better and faster results, EMS training seems the way of the future.

So if you would like to try EMS training why not give Body20 Fitness Studio a call, try a demo and see if your training lifestyle can be simplified while driving results.

The friendly trainers are available at the Studio Monday-Friday from 5:30am-8pm and Saturday from 6am-2pm at 041 581 0142 or 076 687 5582 or visit in Studio at 121 Main Road, Walmer and check out the current specials on offer. Alternatively you can book a session online and get more information at www.body20.co.za.