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A THERAPEUTIC MIX: The healing properties of a combined bamboo and meridian massage

A THERAPEUTIC MIX: The healing properties of a combined bamboo and meridian massage

I recently went for my first massage at Soft Touch Wellbeing Health and Wellness and Detox Centre and loved it! Afterwards, I could agree with Usha, the owner and masseur, when she said; “While we often take pain killers to relieve ourselves of discomfort, it is a misconception to say that medication will cure any problem…”

As soothing music and the scent of oriental oils swept through the therapy room, Usha carefully explained to me the treatment that I would have that day - a Combined Bamboo and Meridian Body Massage. 

She enlightened me that massage treatments do more for the body than just relieving pressure and tension. Honestly, the Combined Bamboo and Meridian Body Massage made me aware of how interconnected everything in our bodies is.

The Meridian is a traditional Chinese healing technique about a path through which the life-energy known as ‘qi’ flows. About 649 acupuncture points and 20 meridians connect and nourish most of the points. Each meridian corresponds to an organ in the body.

An organically-treated bamboo cane is then used in place of the therapist’s hands so as to give a deeper, firmer massage - releasing tension and easing knots.

Being my first massage experience, I felt a slight tingle when Usha began but it soon faded away as my mind and body eased into a state of total peace and relaxation. Astonishingly, I could feel improved circulation in my body.

Better still, Usha pointed out issues I had with my organs from the pains I had during the massage – without me disclosing anything to her. I call that the healing touch.

While the bamboo massage is known to alleviate migraines, whiplash, arthritis, respiratory problems and tendonitis, what I took away from the experience was that sometimes you do need more than medication to heal and relieve pain!

Usha is also not just a masseur; she is a natural health advisor. She advised me on how to live a healthy lifestyle as well as on better eating habits - which was contributing to my digestive problems.

Now, I understand why people invest so much in time and money at health spas. I would recommend a massage at Soft Touch Wellbeing to anyone looking to relieve body tension and pains naturally. Even if you don’t believe in alternative healing, you will enjoy the experience!

To find out more, call 041 365 2762 or visit 54/4th Avenue, Newton Park in Port Elizabeth