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A War of Marvel-ous Proportions

A War of Marvel-ous Proportions

Marvel Studios’ latest addition to its Avengers films, Captain America: Civil War, has topped the box office as the highest grossing movie of the year so far, effectively dropping Disney’s popular Zootopia to second place. This film divides the fans of Marvel as their favorite heroes are found on opposing sides of a war that could permanently bring an end to the Avengers team.

In Civil War, Captain America (Steve Rogers) is faced with his biggest challenge yet as his team was indirectly responsible for the death of civilians while trying to apprehend a terrorist. His team is given an ultimatum; either they give control of the Avengers to the government so that they are made accountable of their actions, or to defend humanity without government interference and be seen as a threat.

This ultimatum divides the Avengers into two separate ideals. One led by Steve who opposed government intervention, and Iron Man (Tony Stark) who feels that accountability is necessary for humanity to trust them.

The ensuing disagreement sparks distrust and resentment amongst the team, which is only amplified at the sudden appearance of Steve’s childhood friend Bucky at a bombing of the United Nations building. Bucky was thought to be dead at the end of Captain America’s first movie The First Avenger, but had returned in its sequel The Winter Soldier as a brainwashed spy for a terrorist group known as Hydra.

Desperate to save his friend, Steve gathers a group of supporters to help him and prove Tony wrong about government intervention.

A fight of super powered proportions ensues as each team tries to defeat each other. With new heroes introduced and secrets uncovered, Civil War promises to be a film to bring any Marvel fan to the edge of their seats.