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A weekend of tranquillity: The Lofts Boutique Hotel

A weekend of tranquillity: The Lofts Boutique Hotel

Knysna is one of South Africa’s most attractive holiday destinations and Thesen Island is one of the best locations in this picturesque town and, to my mind, The Lofts Boutique Hotel is the best place to stay on Thesen Islands.

The design of The Lofts is unusual as it has been built within a restored boat shed.  Shed may be misleading as the building is quite substantial. All the bedrooms are situated in, well, the lofts and the self-catering apartments are accessed by suspended walkways.  On the ground floor are a myriad of small businesses and offices.  The architects of this building paid a huge amount of attention to detail and the result is a very unique and very comfortable hotel.

Each room or apartment is unique in its design as it has been built around various beams and roof supports and this adds considerably to the room’s character.  One thing that the rooms do have in common is comfort.  Crisp linen, comfortable chairs and all the amenities makes The Lofts a really enjoyable place to stay.

Strange as it may sound, one of the great things about The Lofts is that they do not have a dining room of their own.  Instead they send you toîle de païn.  My goodness, not for nothing is this bakery come restaurant rated so highly.  The food, service and ambiance are fantastic.

The hotel does have a lounge, a large honesty bar, a splash swimming pool and canoes and bicycles for the guests use.  There are few staff and guests are largely left to themselves – self-service is the order of the day but everything needed is easily accessible and convenient.

The Lofts is situated near the entrance to Thesen Islands and is on the water's edge.  Within walking distance are a number of restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, a kid’s playground, an NSRI museum and, being surrounded by the Knysna lagoon, lots of boating activities.

My family and I rate The Lofts Boutique Hotel as one of our favourite places to stay and Thesen Islands as a great holiday destination.  Once settled at The Lofts there is no need to drive any further.  In fact, as you cross the causeway onto Thesen Islands you can feel the stress of normal life drop from your shoulders as you enter this island of tranquillity.

If you’re looking for a relaxing weekend then The Lofts is an ideal place to stay.  It comes highly recommended.