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ABSOLUTE STRESS-RELIEF: Physical recovery at Roxanne’s Health & Beauty Clinic

By Candra Neilson - Jul 28, 2014

ABSOLUTE STRESS-RELIEF: Physical recovery at Roxanne’s Health & Beauty Clinic 

One would think that after my three-week festive season break, I would start the year off well-refreshed and recharged. Sadly, after all the holiday travelling and family get-togethers, my 2013 did not start off pleasantly - or maybe it’s my office chair!

As early as my second week at work, I could feel huge knots in my back. I found myself having to continuously stretch out as I tried to unwind! Only a soothing back massage or a steam roller could relieve the tension. I chose the former.

After a little research, I decided to visit Roxanne’s Health & Beauty Clinic. You can find it inside the Chiropractic Clinic at No. 4 Trevordea, Frank Street, Newton Park in Port Elizabeth.

When I arrived at Roxanne’s Health & Beauty Clinic, I was met by a very pretty young lady, Roxanne. My initial scepticism (perhaps because of her age) dissipated as quickly as the stress she was drawing from my back.

Even before Roxanne had started her massage, she advised me that my body was too tense. I found that unlike my previous masseurs, she mostly used her fore-arms and palms instead of her hands - making her massage technic just that much better.

It was amazing. With each application of pressure, I could feel my world becoming lighter as if weights were being lifted off my back. I also enjoy girly chit-chat and Roxanne approved. While we shared stories, I discovered that she has a wonderful personality and can transfer her warmth to her clients.

Roxanne told me that she learned many of her relaxation techniques from working at a local chiropractor. She also advised that, ideally, a person should have a massage before their chiropractic appointment.

To finish off the hour-long full body massage, Roxanne rubbed some Iceman on my legs and back to ensure my muscles remained relaxed for as long as they possibly could. I left Roxanne’s Health & Beauty Clinic feeling recovered and rejuvenated - and it had cost me just R260!

Roxanne offers a number of other treatments too, including waxing, manicures and pedicures. She will also be branching out into facials soon.

I can recommend a deep tissue massage at Roxanne’s Health & Beauty Clinic for anyone looking to keep their 2013 stress-free. Call Roxanne on 041 364 3621 or email[email protected] today.