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Accessible higher education: PMI offers unique and flexible qualifications for working adults

By Graeme Lund - Dec 21, 2016
Accessible higher education: PMI offers unique and flexible qualifications for working adults

PMIis registered, nationally, as a Private Higher Education Institute with the Department of Higher Education and Training and is accredited by eight SETAs. Their Eastern Cape offices are located at the B&E Conference Centre at 134 Kempston Road in Port Elizabeth and at MBSA, 7 Gately Avenue, East London.

With 40 years’ experience and currently training more than 13 000 learners per year country wide, PMI is a well-established and respected training institute.

Lynne Wilmot, PMI’s Strategic Sales and Relationship Manager, says; “We are unique in many ways. We offer small classes that are conducted by industry recognised consultant lecturers. They are able to give first hand instruction to their students.”

Johan Campher, PMI’s Regional Manager, adds; “PMI in the Eastern Cape focuses on production, manufacturing, management and logistics – much needed skills in the two major urban centres of the province where production, particularly in the motor industry, is a significant contributor to the economy.”

“We are also in a position to take our students from Adult Education and Training all the way through to a B.Com Honours degree,” adds Lynne.

As a large portion of PMI’s students are already employed, PMI makes plenty of concessions to ensure that the students work and studies do not clash.

Lynne says, “Our classes are flexible and our courses are run at times that make it possible for our working students to complete their courses in the evening and over weekends.  Being a private institute we have also had no interruptions to our curriculum through the #fees must fall campaign.”

The production sector of the Eastern Cape economy suffers from a scarcity of skills and PMI works closely with a number of the biggest manufacturers in the region including VWSA, Ford and MBSA.

“Our production, manufacturing, management and logistic courses range from NQF 2 certificates through to NQF8 Honours,” says Johan.

Currently on offer are the NQF5 Higher Certificate in Business Management; NQF5 Higher Certificate in Operations Management; NQF6 Diploma in Operations Management and NQF6 Advanced Certificate in Logistics Management to which have recently been added NQF7 Advanced Diploma in Operations and NQF8 B.Com Honours in Operations and Quality.

“We also offer a wide variety of short learning programs where companies need staff trained for specific tasks urgently,” concludes Johan.

For more information on these and other courses, you cancontact  Sunaina on 041 404 2421 or visit www.pmi-sa.co.za