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ACDP making another attempt to oust Bobani, appeals to ANC, EFF and AIC

By Afikile Lugunya - Nov 14, 2018
ACDP making another attempt to oust Bobani, appeals to ANC, EFF and AIC

After failing to get its motion against Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Mongameli Bobani, tabled before the last special Council Meeting, the African Christian Democratic Movement (ACDP) in the Bay is making another attempt.

Allegations had been made that Mayor Bobani apparently pocketed hundreds of thousands of Rands through an alleged corrupt relationship with a service provider on the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s Integrated Public Transport System (IPTS).

That meeting ended up in chaos and allegations of assault.

Still, the ACDP's sole Councillor in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, Lance Grootboom, on Tuesday penned an open letter addressing the African National Congress (ANC), Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), African Independent Congress (AIC) urging them to not “embarrass the city”.

The ANC, EFF and AIC are part of the coalition that supported the United Democratic Movement's (UDM) Bobani in taking reins in the Bay after the ACDP's coalition partner, Athol Trollip, from the Democratic Alliance (DA) had been ousted.

While the ACDP's last motion was thrown out for not meeting Council rules that motions be submitted at least five working days prior to a meeting, this time the party has submitted its motion way ahead of time. The next Council meeting is scheduled for the 6th of December.

Grootboom told RNEWS that the ACDP believes that the Nelson Mandela Bay cannot be led by a Mayor with pending fraud allegations against him.

However, intentions alone will not see the removal of Bobani and the ACDP will need numbers in order to succeed.

Asked if they have numbers to ensure the motion succeeds, Grootboom replied: “I believe we will have the numbers. I know Cllrs will do the right thing and not embarrass our City.”

Thus, ideally the ACDP and its allies will actually need enough or all of the ANC's Councillors - and/or the EFF, to turn against Bobani.

Undaunted, Grootboom told RNEWS that the ACDP will not rest until “Bobani is removed”.

Read the ACDP's argument for Bobani's removal..



I call upon the ANC, EFF AIC and UF to act immediately to protect our city from the embarrassment of having the First Citizen of our City arrested for corruption.

On the 2nd of November 2018 ACDP and COPE brought a Motion of Exigency for the removal of Executive Mayor Councillor Mongameli Bobani after allegations of a corrupt relationship between Bobani and businessman Faried Fakar whose company, Heerkos Projects benefited from multi-million contracts in the IPTS

This was revealed in an Affidavit deposed to by the HAWKS Priority Crimes Unit, Captain Fourie. The allegations in the Affidavit revealed how seven payments were made into a bank account controlled by Councillor Bobani. The Motion of Exigency was defeated by the ANC, UDM, EFF, and UF and AIC, who voted to protect Councillor Bobani from a vote to remove him.

The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) Councillor Lance Grootboom will table a second Motion of No Confidence against Councillor Mongameli Bobani as Executive Mayor of our City at the next NMBM council meeting. The motion is seconded by Councillor Siyasanga Sijadu of (COPE)   .

The reason that the ACDP has decided to bring a second Motion of no confidence to remove Executive Mayor Councillor Mongameli Bobani from the office of Executive Mayor, is because it will damage the credibility of the city if our Executive Mayor is arrested on charges of corruption. This would make our city look dysfunctional. The Motion was submitted on Friday 9 November 2018 to the Office of the Speaker.

This motion has become more urgent, because of the article published yesterday in the Herald titled “Mongameli Bobani: New fraud claims” which reveals that Bobani is been investigated by the HAWKS in another matter of alleged fraud and contraventions of the Municipal Systems Act. Where it is alleged that Bobani influenced an Absa manager not to issue a bond of security requested by the City Manager, Johann Mettler in preparation for a review application in the Labour Court, against a municipal official in the Legal department. If Councillor Bobani acted in this fashion, it was to protect a senior manager accused of corruption.

The ACDP believes that the allegations contained in the Affidavit by Captain Henk Fourie against Executive Mayor Bobani are very serious and it is in the public interest that action be taken. The Mayor is the First Citizen and the face of our City. The City has a huge problem with poverty, unemployment and under development. Until two years ago, the City had a reputation for corruption and maladministration. That the Mayor of our city has such serious allegations pending against him is extremely detrimental to investor confidence, the likelihood of future investment and the credibility of the Municipal Administration with the citizens of the city. If our First Citizen is arrested, it will re-establish our City’s reputation as corrupt. This will have a very negative impact on our City, especially the poor, if Councillor Bobani continues to hold the position of Executive Mayor. If Councillor Bobani is arrested for fraud while holding the position of First Citizen of our City, it will bring great shame to our City.

We call upon the ANC, EFF AIC and UF to put the interests of the people of the city before the interests of their parties. These parties must not allow our city to be embarrassed by the arrest of the Executive Mayor of the city for corruption, just so that their parties can cling to power. They must not be selfish at this time, they must not ignore the interests of the poor who are seeking employment. They must remove Councillor Bobani from the position of Executive Mayor until he clears himself of these very serious allegations or stands trial.

If the ANC, EFF and AIC continue to protect Councillor Bobani from dealing with the allegations of corruption, they will become tarnished by this potential corruption. The allegations against the first citizen and face of our city are a serious matter. All parties represented in the Council bear the responsibility to act in the best interest of the people of our City and not put their party interests first. The people of our City are more important than any party.

Therefore, the ACDP requests the political parties in the current coalition (ANC, EFF AIC and UF), to prevent our city from being embarrass by removing Bobani as Executive Mayor, until the allegations pending against him can be resolved.

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