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ACDP's Meshoe calls out DA's 'arrogance', lambastes EFF and UDM for racism

By Afikile Lugunya - Aug 28, 2018
ACDP's Meshoe calls out DA's 'arrogance', lambastes EFF and UDM for racism

The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP), which is part of the Democratic Alliance (DA) led coalition government that got booted out on Monday said the DA was again being arrogant by ignoring the contributions of smaller parties in turning around the Bay.

Following the ousting of Nelson Mandela Bay Executive, Athol Trollip, on Monday, the DA National leader, Mmusi Maimane, posted on Twitter that; "The @Our_DA & @AtholT have worked tirelessly, worked to deliver services to people of NMB. This municipality now has a bus service, a metro police, increase in investment for jobs, decrease in buckets. Today is the start of the reversal. We shall continue to fight for the people."

ACDP national leader, Kenneth Meshoe, on Tuesday, took to Twitter calling Maimane, arrogant for not recognising the contributions of partners in the DA-led coalition.

While the DA won the 2016 elections, it did not clinch an outright win and entered into coalition agreements with smaller parties such as the ACDP and the Congress of the People (COPE) and at one time the United Democratic Movement (UDM) so as to keep the defeated African National Congress (ANC) in check.

"Maimane it was not just the DA and Trollip. ACDP, COPE and UDM formed part of the coalition that governed Nelson Mandela Bay. UDM left, but ACDP and COPE continued to work to improve ppls lives and reverse Nelson Mandela Bay financial ruin caused by ANC looting and corruption. Have the courtesy to acknowledge others," Meshoe responded.

"The DA again showed their arrogance when their leader Maimane failed to acknowledge the ACDP and COPE's immense contribution in the successful running of the Metro. Would Trollip have been mayor without us? Never forget to say thank you to those who helped you.

"ACDP cllr adv Lance Grootboom has been doing a great job in Nelson Mandela Bay. Thank you mayor Trollip, cllr Grootboom and all those part of the coalition who worked hard in stopping ANC corruption and transforming bankrupt Nelson Mandela Bay into a AAA credit rated city. There’s finally a metro police force."

Following Trollip's dramatic ousting on Monday, Meshoe Tweeted; "It’s unfortunate that Athol Trollip who was doing a good job as mayor in Nelson Mandela Bay has been punished because of the colour of his skin. To hate a person and remove a person from his position because of his skin colour is wrong. The ACDP condemns racist attitudes from all race groups.

"As black people, we must not only condemn racism by white people, but also racism that is perpetrated by black people. All South Africans must be treated equally and work together in order to build a thriving, peaceful and prosperous nation."

On Tuesday, Meshoe said that "When we all work together irrespective of race and political differences, we can transform SA into a great nation. In Nelson Mandela Bay the DA, ACDP, COPE and UDM had formed a coalition to stop ANC corruption, deliver services and improve the lives of people in Nelson Mandela Bay.

"The UDM played the race card and left. Mayor Athol Trollip was doing a very good job, but racists wanted him removed just because he is a white man. Racism is wrong! DA, ACDP and COPE continued to work together and achieved remarkable results in Nelson Mandela Bay such as ANC corruption and looting was exposed and stopped."

He said that the Nelson Mandela Bay was "previously bankrupt due to ANC corruption, but the coalition partners transformed it into a successful AAA credit rated city".

"Nelson Mandela Bay’s first ever metro police was launched, with two stations and 114 officers," he added.

"Nelson Mandela Bay went from being '2nd least trusted' to '2nd most trusted' metro government. 12 000 residents received running water & flush toilets in their homes for the first time...and the list goes on.

"This shows that when we all put aside our personal, racial and political differences, we can work together to reduce crime, corruption, unemployment and poverty, improve the lives of people, and transform South Africa into a peaceful and prosperous nation."