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Acting SABC CEO resigns

Acting SABC CEO resigns

Acting South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) CEO Jimi Matthews has announced his resignation from the public broadcaster with immediate effect.

In a letter addressed to SABC Chairperson Mbulayeni Maguvhe on Monday, which he also shared on his twitter page, Matthews said he could no longer be part of recent development at the public broadcaster, describing them as “wrong”.

“For many months I have compromised the values that I hold dear under the mistaken belief that I could be more effective inside the SABC than outside, passing comment from the side-lines,” the letter read.

“In the process, the prevailing corrosive atmosphere has impacted negatively on my moral judgement and has made me complicit in many decision which I am not proud of. I also wish to apologise to the many people who I’ve let down by remaining silent when my voice needed to be heard. What is happening at the SABC is wrong and I can no longer be a part of it”.

Matthews’s shock resignation comes after the broadcaster suspended three journalists on Friday, who had expressed concern over the lack of coverage given to a protest action outside its Auckland Park offices this past Monday.

The public broadcaster has faced a barrage of criticism over the last few days following its failure to cover the violent protests in Tshwane last week, in response to it phasing out the showing of events viewed as portraying the country in a bad light.