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Action against Zuma will not hurt alliance and Bhisho must cut ties with Israel: SACP

May 16, 2016
Action against Zuma will not hurt alliance and Bhisho must cut ties with Israel: SACP

People must reject the idea that if any action is taken against President Jacob Zuma, the ANC-led Tripartite Alliance, which includes the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) and the South African Communist Party (SACP), will split and the Eastern Cape government should also cut ties with Israel.

These are some of the outcomes from a congress held on Sunday by the SACP Eastern Cape's Skenjana Roji District Congress at Carnegie Hall, in Gonubie in East London.

The congress was also attended by SACP Central Committee member, Mandla Makupula; PEC members, Sisimone Rakaibe, Andile Fani, Anil Pillai Kumar, Mawethu Rune. Its keynote address was from the SACP Provincial Secretary, Xolile Nqatha.

On defending deepening and advancing the NDR:

"The congress re-affirmed and committed the SACP and all genuine revolutionaries to deepen, advance and defend the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) as the direct route to socialism and not a detour. NDR is a single struggle, un-interrupted thorough going of the people`s struggles to address interrelated contradiction of national, gender and class oppression in our country," described Ludwe Mnweba, the SACP Eastern Cape's Skenjana Roji District Spokesperson, in a statement. 

"We are of the firm view that the people`s organs ought to be strengthened as to deepen the participatory democracy in South Africa; The South African electorate must be active participants in their governance and development. The popular mandate given by the people must be used to deepen the NDR than only being consensus seeking in class divided society.

"The challenges facing the movement, our country and the real threat to the direction of our revolution compels us to choose between our people, ANC led movement and President Zuma, as the congress, we choose our people and the movement. We believe that the focus on supporting President Zuma is a fundamental departure from the foundations of our movement of always putting the people of the centre of the programmes and the decisions of the movement.

"We do not expect the opposition parties to support him as they never wanted him from the word go nor do we consider him to be above the organisation. As the congress we also called on all congress loving people to refuse to be imprisoned by the idea that if any action is taken against the President the ANC will split."


The congress also noted "with concern" the impeachment of the Brazilian President, Dilima Rousseff.

"We are of the firm view that the situation cannot be viewed outside the onslaught on the BRICS member states, as they continue to represent an alternative block to the western block. It cannot viewed outside the imperialist attempts to dislodge the people’s leader in Venezuela, Cde Nicholas Maduro," read the statement.

"It is our firm view that the attack is not on the leaders but the ideas which they serve. It is therefore important for the people’s organisation in all these countries to build party to party relations going forward to build a coherent force."

The congress committed the party in the district to work tirelessly in strengthening campaigns in solidarity with the "oppressed people of Swaziland and Palestine".

"As the SACP we call upon the Eastern Cape government to cut all ties with the apartheid Israel, let us refuse receiving blood money."


The SACP said that; "The capitalist mode of production is in crisis throughout the globe, the working class is always the ones carrying the burden and the scars of this cruel production system. In this district of ours the level of unemployment are escalating and therefore demands a prompt response from the government of the people.

"In South Africa unemployment, poverty and inequality remain structural and deep rooted; in the 18 years of democracy the property relations remain unchanged except the co-option of few black faces. The congress re-affirmed the SACP perspective of changing the dependence of South Africa on the mineral-energy finance capital, which is export orientated, as it is unsustainable."

Against this background, the congress resolved for the party to convene an urgent economic summit, which will serve to consolidate the SACP perspective on the economic transformation for the workers and the poor.

"We, the SACP are calling for intensive training on cooperatives and the development of industrial policy for infrastructure and developmental projects by Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality," the party said.

"We are calling for promotion of labour intensive through infrastructure projects and increase on infrastructure for the benefit of the workers and the poor. Our municipality working with the Provincial Government must ensure revitalization of townships in Buffalo City. We are once more calling for BCMM procurement policy, which will support local production, employment and SMME’s."

On the Alliance:

The SACP recommited itself to "work tirelessly for the unity and cohesion of our long standing revolutionary alliance".

"Ours is not only an alliance of organisations in the same geographical space of operation but an alliance of classes, it is therefore imperative for this alliance to value its unity; for its collapse will be feeding to the hands of imperialist forces. The collapse of this alliance would be a defeat of the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) and the people’s camp," the party said.

"It is in this context that we are deeply concerned by the deteriorating state of alliance in our district. We are of the firm view that what is contributing to the challenges in the district is the unilateral approach by the ANC leadership. The ANC in the region does not work to unify the people’s camp and that is worrying as the fundamental question is 'In whose interest?'."

Local Government Elections:

Still, the SACP in the district said that it will campaign for the overwhelming victory of the African National Congress in the 2016 Local Government Elections.

"However, we wish to put in on record that our principled commitment to the movement must never be used to abuse us.

"It is in this context that the district has no faith nor confidence in what was done in the guise of the ANC Regional List Conference which had many alarming issues," the party said.

"We believe that what was held was not ANC Regional List Conference but as assertion of a cabal and a certain business cartel. It is extremely disappointing that the suspended ANC Regional Secretary was the one “running” the conference even though he was not supposed to be there.

"The conduct by the suspended regional secretary affirms that which was said by the party that his suspension was just a mere academic exercise as he remains in power and have control of the regional leadership."

Suspension of BCMM Municipal Manager:

"As the SACP, we have always looked at the suspension of the BCMM Municipal Manager in dim view as it is nothing else but opening to loot the institution for selfish interest of certain individuals.

"The tax payers are now compelled to pay two Municipal Managers for more than eight months. It is our considered view that the institution should either reinstate or charge the Municipal Manager than wastefully spending the people’s money."

 The congress elected the District Executive Committee as follows:

  1. Secretary, Cde Boyce Melitafa
  2. Chairperson, Cde Mlandeli Ngafunwa
  3. Treasurer, Cde Xolani Wonono
  4. Deputy Secretary, Cde Siyabonga Mdodi
  5. Chairperson, Cde Ndiliwe Sambane

Additional Members

  1. Hlalempini Jimana
  2. Nkululeko Mphangalala
  3. Nozintombi Hontoti
  4. Monwabisi Gwazela
  5. Vukile Njoli
  6. Sangweni Matwele
  7. Nontuthuzelo Nzamela
  8. Sithiwe Mali
  9. Nomiki Mgezi
  10. Thenjiwe Matiwane
  11. Malibongwe Mfazwe
  12. Siyabulela Swapi
  13. Peter Tede
  14. Mnyamezeli Ndlanzi
  15. Tulani Tempi