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ACTION PACKED: You’ll never be late if you drive an Opel Meriva

By Darren John - Jul 24, 2014
ACTION PACKED: You’ll never be late if you drive an Opel Meriva

Opel have outdone themselves with their new Meriva. The 1.4 Turbo Enjoy model generously loaned to us by General Motors South Africa, impressed from the start!

I had not driven an Opel since I sold my Monza GSI well over a decade ago and this Meriva made me realise how far the brand has come in that time.

At the first glance, the new Meriva is more stylish, with sleek lines which associate it immediately with its Corsa and Astra cousins. Its solid build, fine detail and quality finishes stood out before I had even started the engine.

I found the cabin bigger than I had imagined. The rear seats could be adjusted forward & back for comfort or folded flat to make an ample load bay – making it a great choice for company representatives who travel regularly or need to transport stock.

A unique feature (which my boys were fascinated with) is that the rear doors open the ‘wrong’ way. Opel calls them ‘FlexDoors’ and their incorporation should place this vehicle first when it comes to choosing a car for a family with young children. The FlexDoors make the loading of snug-‘n-safes and the securing of children into car seats an absolute breeze!

That is not all. The Meriva Enjoy comes fully-loaded with an impressive array of standard features including a multi-function steering wheel, park assist, rain sensor wipers, cruise control, USB port, Bluetooth, ABS, EBD, ESP as well as a 5-year warranty and service plan.

While driving around town, I could hardly hear the Meriva’s 1.4 motor. The inclusion of a turbo really sets this vehicle apart from any competitors.

Overly, the Meriva was extremely quick, agile and easy to drive. On the open road, its high-seating position made for a comfortable ride and it performed surprisingly well. It took me a while to get used to using 6 gears, but once I noticed the ‘shift’ prompt within the cluster display, getting into 6th soon became second nature.

The Opel Meriva Enjoy lives up to its name as a fantastic, fun family car that will bring excitement to your travelling.

For more information on the Opel Meriva Enjoy, visit www.opel.co.za or call 082 825 5477 today.