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Addo taps have been dry since the 11th of January - DA

Jan 19, 2018
Addo taps have been dry since the 11th of January - DA

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Eastern Cape on Friday said that it is appalled by the absence of water in Addo, in the Sundays River Valley Municipality (SRVM), where taps ran dry on the 11 January 2018.

"Since then, it has affected a clinic, the South African Police Service (SAPS), local business, and residents," said Leatitia Erasmus, the DA's Sundays River Valley Municipality.

"I reported the issue to the SRVM on 11 January and was, on a daily basis, in contact with the SRVM’s technical director to establish progress. He did communicate with us, but offered every possible excuse and it became clear that the municipality did not know what the problem was."

Erasmus said that further to this, she also visited the local water plant, where it was said the problem started because of lack chemicals used in purifying the water.

"A lack of chemicals is a regular excuse for when water is not available," she added.

"The chemicals needed only arrived on Monday, 15 January, but it was then said the problem is actually being caused by floating matter, like plastic bottles, blocking the water valve.

"After inspection by SRVM, there was no blockage in the said valve and the next excuse was an alleged airlock in the system. In addition, the municipality needed to inspect the connections at each house, as it may be blocked, but that also seemed be another excuse."

Erasmus said that JCB digger loader was then used to open water lines and to check all t-junctions and connection point for blockages, but the problem persists.

"On Wednesday, I requested a water truck to at least bring water to the communities. It was promised to arrive on Thursday, but never did. The message was reported to the local ANC councillor, but he never reverted back," she added.

"I have written to our Municipal Manager Sydney Fadi, and Mayor S Matinise, requesting that the issue be immediately resolved and investigated. I have also requested for better planning to avoid the same problem in the future."