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Advanced Negotiations on Business Process Outsourcing Investment

Oct 22, 2014
Advanced Negotiations on Business Process Outsourcing Investment

Economic Development, Tourism and Agriculture (EDTA) Executive Director, Anele Qaba, says the directorate is in the final stages of negotiation for a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) investment.

In a report to the EDTA Committee that meets tomorrow, Qaba says that if the investment is secured it will create between 300 and 500 jobs for young people in the region.

He says that the prospective investment will “contribute immensely to the development and growth of the BPO industry, adding that a final decision on the investment “is expected before the end of this year”.

With regard to a second investment that Qaba says is also in the “final stages of negotiations,” he says a decision is expected “between now and next year as the company is currently finalising its assessment plans for the region”.

He says that EDTA is still “engaged in closed discussions” with various potential investors to secure investment for the region.

Qaba says the directorate has also worked on a draft policy “to promote increased participation by and opportunities for microenterprises in the metro’s procurement processes”.

The objective of the policy will also be to promote BBBEE empowerment in microenterprises, with one aim being to “identify and assess minor contract opportunities within the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality which have microenterprises potential”.

Qaba says in his report to the committee that flowing from a workshop in June on issues pertaining to supply chain management policy; it had been resolved to explore “unbundling” and also to establish a monitoring committee or other structure.

The draft policy points out that the metro “has great potential to increase enterprise development within its area of influence.

“However, this potential has not been explored to the maximum and insufficient opportunities have been created for SMMEs, particularly for people from historically disadvantaged groups.” - MetroMinutes.