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ADVENTURE AND FUN FOR ALL!: Start your summer at Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures

ADVENTURE AND FUN FOR ALL!: Start your summer at Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures

Where will your summer adventures take you and your family this time around? If you have not yet decided, you might want to start your 2014 escapades at Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures and the surrounding nature reserves.

Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures is situated near the Storms River Bridge in the Tsitsikamma - just an hour and a half’s drive from Port Elizabeth, making it the perfect day trip activity for the whole family, an office outing, groups or just you and your partner.

As a rule at Ricochet Publishing, we undertake one staff outing each year that is adventurous and fun for all. So on one such occasion, we were very lucky to take a trip down to Tsitsikamma and participate in a Zipline Tour over the falls of the magnificent Kruis River over which Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures takes its name.

Essentially, think of a zipline tour as a twenty-first century foefie slide. However, it is faster, safer, longer and a lot scarier than the old wire-across-the-river-and-jump-before-you-hit-the-pole type of fun! Fortunately, the guys at Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures place the safety of your family above everything else so you will be wearing a harness and helmet.

A knowledgeable, helpful and experienced guide will also be on hand to ensure you have fun while being safe – otherwise most of us would not know how to work all the various harness clips, clasps, loops, locks and straps. Our guides had all twenty-six of us securely strapped in before anybody could say “I’m not doing this!” Then the fun began!

Truly, nothing comes close to zipping across the rushing waters of the Kruis River and its beautiful waterfalls. The first few rides are slow and short, but increase in length and speed as you progress down the river until you get to the sixth ride, where you soon understand the term ‘zip’, because that is exactly what you do from start to finish.

The seventh ride, the highest at 50m and the longest at 211m, entails climbing out of the gorge and taking a more leisurely ride back towards the starting point. This was, undoubtedly, my most enjoyable part as I had a chance to enjoy the splendor of the river and waterfalls.

By the time we get to the eighth ride, we already felt like zipline veterans – if there is such a thing, and I found the short trip across the valley one for leisure rather than excitement. Back at the starting point, we were helped out of our harnesses before enjoying complimentary refreshment. Without a doubt, everyone had lots of fun!

To find out more, call 042 280 3770, email [email protected] or visit www.tsitsikammaadventure.co.za.


Photo courtesy of www.adventureactivities.co.za