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ADVERTORIAL: Advancing industry: eNtsa outlines plans to boost local industries

ADVERTORIAL: Advancing industry: eNtsa outlines plans to boost local industries

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) based research and innovation hub, eNtsa, has recently outlined a plan of action to assist SMEs, manufacturing industries (such as the automotive component industry) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with supplier development support to uplift the South African socio-economic market.

“eNtsa is placing an increased emphasis on our supplier development initiative within the Technology Station Programme (TSP) for 2015,” says the newly-appointed Supplier Development and TSP Manager, Julien De Klerk.

A key focus of this initiative is “green engineering”. According to De Klerk; “Green engineering is a prominent issue for industry at the moment due to increased fuel and utility costs”.

He describes some of the projects within this theme to include the incorporation of renewable energy resources, as well as projects which aim to improve the sustainability and efficiency of processes.

With an extensive portfolio, the eNtsa group is able to provide companies with high-end services, which include equipment and expertise.

Recently, the NMMU group has incorporated various new equipment and skills which have broadened the scope of services on offer - including a recently commissioned 4kW robotic laser cell capable of cladding, welding and cutting, investment in an advanced modelling and design division increasing the group’s ability to  perform advanced simulation and portable 3D scanning and measurement equipment.

Furthermore, eNtsa offers advanced prototyping and machining services which includes 3D printing, EDM wire cutting, EDM die sinking, water-jet cutting, CNC- turning and milling. eNtsa is now able to offer these services affordably to those who need it most, local SMEs and industry. Furthermore, qualifying SMEs are given the opportunity to access this support through the TSP initiative.

In addition to this, the eNtsa group has long-standing international relationships within the power generation, petro-chemical and mining industries as well as access, through the NMMU, to various local and international institutions and experts within the broader engineering field.

“We strive to remain at the forefront of technology by implementing a philosophy of ‘Innovation through Engineering’. Our goal is to make the local automotive component- and manufacturing industries attractive to both the local and international markets.

“To reach this goal, we work to improve products, processes and designs of our industry customers. Our partners are then able to obtain and maintain supply contracts and market share through quality products,” states De Klerk.

eNtsa has completed over 400 projects and assisted over 120 different  SMEs in the past year.

To find out more about the opportunities within eNtsa, contact Julien De Klerk, Supplier Development and TSP Manager at [email protected] or call 041 504 3608 or visitwww.nmmu.ac.za/eNtsa.