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ADVERTORIAL: Unmatched automation solutions: Bran Systems offers advanced warehouse automation system to industry

ADVERTORIAL: Unmatched automation solutions: Bran Systems offers advanced warehouse automation system to industry

Port Elizabeth-based Bran Systems now has the answer for manufacturers who need a fully-integrated end-to-end solution for managing and controlling the flow of high-value products in a warehouse.

The company’s High Bay Warehouse Automation System (H-BAS) adds value to your business operations by optimising the flow of high-value products from multiple sources in your manufacturing facility, while performing outstanding order fulfilment to multiple destinations.

According to Bran Systems, immediate benefits for users includes flexible management, scheduling and control of the production process, user friendliness and high throughput rates through the warehouse, while optimising on crane movements.

In a vehicle manufacturing context, H-BAS can control movement of skids, body in white, EC-coated and painted bodies through a racking store; cater for different types of racking stores, having variable number of compartments, cranes, racks and aisles; stores excess units and skids from bodyshop and paintshop; feeds final assembly and paintshop from the warehouse, and acts as a shuffling and sorting facility between the bodyshop, paintshop and final Assembly.

The system can be configured according to business needs and a comprehensive multiple hold and release system can further control automatic storage and retrieval of products.

H-BAS also caters for multiple entrance conveyors, as well as multiple exit conveyors, different sections of the plant. Products are typically moved in and out of a multiple compartment random access warehouse using automated stacker cranes. The storage can also be in the form of first-in first-out or first-in last-out sequential access buffers.

Other features of the system includes accurate stacking, sorting and retrieval of products by colour, batching number or category, which can be integrated with any programmable logic controller (PLC).

For your added peace of mind, the H-BAS also seamlessly combines with any existing warehouse infrastructure and production flow, therefore maximising productivity without wasting time and money in re-configuring automated stacker crane operations.

The system allows for a bypass route which easily integrates into the warehouse, and minimises costs and wear on the automated stacker cranes by sending them directly to the required exit conveyors, without having to store then retrieve the product – this is thanks to a sophisticated tracking and parameter control system.

Efficiency, throughput and flexibility are critical factors of any warehouse operation and with Bran Systems’ High Bay Warehouse Automation System, you can experience the simplicity of automation while watching your business grow.

For more information on the system, visit Bran System at 51 Newton Street in Newton Park, PE, or call 041 368 3223 or visit them online at www.bransystems.co.za.