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Aesthetics excellence award for Smartstone Port Elizabeth

Apr 25, 2018
Aesthetics excellence award for Smartstone Port Elizabeth

SmartStone Port Elizabeth has taken home the aesthetics excellence (wet cast stone) award at the Concrete Manufacturers Association Awards for the use of its products at the Constitution Hill Urban Renewal project in Port Elizabeth.

The Urban Renewal Project has allowed SmartStone Port Elizabeth the opportunity to be a part of the modernisation of this historic area and honour and maintain the traditional design elements that were present when the area was established. 

Briefed to be sympathetic to the area’s heritage, the developer used the SmartStone Port Elizabeth Huguenot cobble (110 x 110 x 50) Legogote cobble in various sizes (110 x 110 x 50, 110 x 220 x 50, and 20 x 220 x 50).

“Cobbles give one the ease of installation like a standard brick, but with a much stronger, elegant and refined finish,” remarks Rupp.

“Traditionally cobbles are one size, with a gap between each stone. The design used in The Donkin Village used four different sizes, which were placed flush to one another to give the road and pavements a contemporary look with an old-world feel.”

The judges complimented the project and the use of SmartStone Port Elizabeth products saying: “textures and colours compliment the natural surroundings. Contextuality is very appropriate. A picture pretty project.”


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