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AFDA Port Elizabeth 2018 Graduation Festival Dates Set for November

Nov 13, 2018
AFDA Port Elizabeth 2018 Graduation Festival Dates Set for November

This November, AFDA Port Elizabeth will be hosting its second annual Graduation Festival since the institution opened its doors in 2015.

The festival will take place over three days, with performances by AFDA Live Performance graduates on Monday, 19 November at 19.00 and Tuesday, 20 November at 14.00 and 19.00, at the Savoy Theatre.

The Film School graduate festival will take place on Saturday, 24 November, from 12:00 until 17:00 at the Nu Metro cinema at the Boardwalk in Port Elizabeth.

Tickets for the Stage Festival can be purchased from the AFDA Port Elizabeth campus reception desk, selling at R40 for adults, R30 for students and pensioners, and R200 for a block booking of 10.

Film Festival tickets will be sold by students and a limited number of tickets will be made available at the door, selling at R20 per film screening.

Detailed below are brief summaries of the Stage Production programme (The River and the Bed) and the five graduation films (one Honours and four Undergraduate) to be exhibited over the course of the 2018 Graduation festival.

The River and the Bed (Stage Production programme)
This is a programme of work consisting of two original stage productions devised by the 3rd year AFDA performance students. They Ran up the Hill and UMFULA (The River) both explore the idea of secrets, memories and the pain one has to endure while trying to uncover and confront them.

The work is innovative in both form and content, and displays the exciting young talent that PE has to offer.

Isikhalo: The Outcry (Honours graduation film) Ciki, a young woman who grew up in a small Peddie village, marries Bantu a suburban high school teacher. After moving to Ntselamanzi Township with Bantu, she discovers that her husband is not the man she imagined him to be.

As their relationship develops, Bantu physically and emotionally abuses Ciki. Bantu insists that this is his right as her husband.

Supported by her fellow stokvel friends, Ciki finally stands up to his archaic interpretation of cultural standards, and so begins a journey of courageous self-discovery.

Sakhumzi (Undergraduate graduation film)
A man is finally let out of prison after sixteen years behind bars. He has one objective in mind and that is to connect with the son he left behind and build him a legacy.

We meet Sakhile outside the prison gates and follow him to his dusty shed, where he is digging holes to find a treasure he has buried.

Lulama, legal guardian to Khaya (his son), refuses to allow them to meet, fearing his influence as an ex-convict and a series of other deep-seated issued that they never addressed. Khaya catches wind of this and in a rebellion, secretly meets up with his father.

The more they dig and work in the land, the more history is unearthed from the night of Sakhile’s capture, and the treasures he buried.

Birth of a Witch (Undergraduate graduation film) 
Beginning at a sleepover, three girls come across a late night adult film, thus kicking off the wild night that follows as Amanda struggles to suppress her dangerous desires within the midst of a blossoming forbidden romance between herself and her friend Charlie.

Through the act of suppressing and denying her desires as the night progresses, we are introduced to unknown supernatural forces as her inner turmoil manifests itself into existence threatening the lives of the people around her and ultimately herself.

The Yard (Undergraduate graduation film)
Eron and his group of friends are training for upcoming neighbourhood soccer tournament. Their preparations go array when Eron’s younger brother is killed days before the game.

Struggling to find closure, Eron must rely on the help of his friends to compete in order to honour his brother’s legacy.

Sunset Exodus (Undergraduate graduation film)
A blind mother sits on the veranda of her small farmhouse. Her son lies on a couch just inside the house, sick and sleeping. An outsider approaches the farmhouse from across a vast field and arrives at the house.

The mother believes that he is death come for her son.

The two are taken to a plane of existence after death where the mother sees the river Styx. The mother finds her way back to her son but is shocked to see death healing the boy. Death explains that he has come for the mother and makes her an offer.

About the AFDA

AFDA was founded in 1994, and has five fully equipped campuses in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, and Botswana. Since its conception, it has risen to become one of the leading institutions of its kind in the world today.

Festivals of this nature, held annually on the part of each AFDA campus respectively, work to expose local audiences to local narratives, voices and talents, produced and performed in local settings and contexts.

AFDA has produced some of the top film-makers and actors in South Africa today and has made a significant contribution to developing a sustainable local entertainment industry.

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