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AFFORDABLE, MAINTAINED WEBSITES: Rent a fully maintained website without the development costs

By Graeme Lund - Aug 11, 2014
AFFORDABLE, MAINTAINED WEBSITES: Rent a fully maintained website without the development costs

Juslogon.com, a Port Elizabeth based internet company, has a novel approach to providing websites and email. At a very nominal setup cost they will create a website and then rent the website to the user.

Many small companies and start-up businesses cannot afford the setup costs of a website reducing their chances of business success. They often operate off a generic email account and have no web presence leading potential customers to perceive them as incompetent and unprofessional.

Juslogon.com is a quick and simple solution to this challenge. Not only will they create the website, but they will also register the domain name, create email addresses, host the website and email and update the website on a monthly basis - all for a relatively small monthly fee.

This ground-breaking approach is not just limited the creation but also to the maintenance of the website. As part of the monthly fee, Juslogon.com will upload articles and images to ensure that the businesses website is kept current and effective.

Well established businesses that may already have a website are also taking advantage of the Juslogon.com system, service and aftercare, especially if they don’t have a dedicated marketing team.

Roger Williams and Tom Capitao, the owners of Juslogon.com say, “Let us do what we know best and you, the client; can do what you do best.  Our system can be implemented quickly and effectively and once up and running you can be assured of an active, professional and up-to-date website.”

He adds, “One of the fundamentals of good internet marketing is that a website is regularly updated and contains current and pertinent information. Not only will this show that your business is proactive but it will also help your website move up the Google Page rankings.”

Roger is so confident that their service is effective that they do not expect their clients to sign a long term contract. Businesses can simply notify Juslogon.com that they no longer require the website hosting and that is the end of the rental. 

“We know our products and service work and we believe that the internet is the only marketing medium where any business, regardless of their size, can effectively take on a multinational corporation.  We’re here to help you do just that,” concludes Roger.

The monthly rental costs vary from R350 to R500 to R650 per month depending on the size of the website and the amount of maintenance time required.

Visit Juslogon.com at 22A, King Edward Street, Newton Park in Port Elizabeth or call 041 819 6440.