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Afri-Save donates food to KwaNobuhle clinic

Sep 8, 2017
Afri-Save donates food to KwaNobuhle clinic

Afri-Save on Wednesday made a donation to a KwaNobuhle Clinic after receiving a request from Sindiswa Kilani, the Operational Manager of Silvertown Clinic situated in Kwanobuhle, Port Elizabeth.

"The donation was for an open day event that would be held at the clinic on Thursday and sadly the clinic is unable to provide the crowd at the event with something to eat due to the unavailability of funds," the company said.

"The event aimed to try and educate the patients about different diseases that are common in the area, prevention and treatment thereof, the importance of testing and early screening and lastly the importance of treatment adherence and how to avoid the complications of the disease.

"The clinic expects around 250 people to attend the event."

The clinic itself was built in 1990 and is currently assisting an estimated population of about 15 885 people and is owned by the Department of Health.

"Realising the importance of such an event including the excellent services provided by this clinic, Afri-Save Director, Munir Jeeva, made it his mission to assist them by prioritisng their aid before anything else," the company said.

"Staff immediately assisted Jeeva and soon a parcel worthy of such an important cause was put together."

A handover of the donation was done by Jeeva himself to a very elated Kilani on Wednesday.

Image: Left to right, Sister Kilani and Afri-Save Director, Munir Jeeva.