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Afri-Save hosts successful Blood Drive

Sep 29, 2017
Afri-Save hosts successful Blood Drive

Excitement dawned onto Afri-Save Cash & Carry on Wednesday, as the South African National Blood Service van pulled up at their premises.

Within moments of parking, staff and customers alike formed a line and the blood drive went into full swing. Afri-Save Cash & Carry, in preparation of this charitable day, made up free gift packages for all successful blood donors as a thank you from the company.

The donation process is a very simple one and consists of a quick and easy registration followed by a short personal interview and evaluation. All of this takes barely 15 minutes after which the successful candidate is allowed to donate blood.

One of the first donors, Mrs Nompumelelo Rala, an Afri-Save Cash & Carry customer, saw the South African National Blood Service and immediately jumped at the chance to donate blood,

"This initiative by us means so much to me both as a director at Afri-Save Cash & Carry and on a personal level as I myself am a proud blood donor,” said Rala.

“The importance of donating blood and being able to save lives is beyond words and if we can get more people to donate blood then we are fulfilling our duty towards our community and South Africa as a whole,” said Munir Jeeva, owner of Afri-Save Cash & Carry.

“We at Afri-Save Cash & Carrye would like to thank everyone who donated as well as the South African National Blood Service for taking the time and trusting us to avail ourselves for this honour."

The Afri-Save Cash & Carry blood drive was a resounding success and they urge other companies and individuals to jointhems in the life-giving effort and donate blood wherever they are.