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Afri-Save partners with the South African National Zakah Fund

Oct 6, 2017
Afri-Save partners with the South African National Zakah Fund

Uitenhage-based Afri-Save Cash & Carry, on Wednesday handed over a very special donation to assist at least 40 children at an event held at the Van Der Riet Street Madressah.

The South African National Zakáh Fund (SANZAF) is a faith-based, socio-welfare and educational organisation that strives to facilitate the empowerment of needy families through the efficient collection and effective distribution of Zakáh and other Sadaqát in a proactive and cost effective way through projects – with dignity, sincerity and a shared responsibility.

“We recieved a request to assist these 40 children from the Uitenhage branch of SANZAF ( South African National Zakah Fund ) and we took it as our duty to help where we can," explained Munir Jeeva,  Afri-Save Cash & Carry Director.

"The plight of children is definitely one which we all must take repsonsibility for and from a personal and professional standpoint, I do believe we all as people, as a community and as a nation should put the needs of children first and help them secure a future for themselves."

Special care packages were put together by Afri-Save staff to brighten up the lives of the affected children and SANZAF representative, Goolam Mohamed, was on hand to recieve Afri-Save’s generous donation at the store’s premises, 50 Melbrooks Avenue, Uitenhage.

Both Mr Mohamed and Mr Jeeva, who were elated during the heartfelt exchange, shook hands and parted ways.