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Africa’s longest double zip line is awesome

By Graeme Lund - Jun 8, 2016
Africa’s longest double zip line is awesome

The Sundays River Valley is fast catching up with Tsitsikamma, both in terms of activities and the extreme nature of these activities. This valley, with the easy meanderings of the Sundays River, neat rows of citrus orchards, beautiful Addo Elephant National Park and the backdrop of the Zuurberg Mountains is also a stunning setting for adventure.

One of the newest attractions in “The Valley”, as the locals affectionately call their home, is Adrenalin Addo which proudly lays claim to the longest double zip line in Africa and the only giant swing of its kind in South Africa.

On a recent weekend in The Valley a friend and I ticked off “Zip lining at Adrenalin Addo” from our 2016 list of things to do. And I should add that the tick came with a flourish because the “do” was all that we had expected and more.

Adrenalin Addo lies on the banks of the slow moving Sundays River and is set in beautiful rolling laws and a neat garden. 

We had booked to do the Zip line, which we discovered is not only the longest double zip line in South Africa, but also the fastest and highest. The launch platform which lies across the river and up a steep embankment, towers above the surrounding landscape and just the sight of this wire entangled building gets the excitement juices flowing.

Our guide, with deft hands, friendly banter and great efficiency soon had us lashed into our harnesses. We crossed the river on a pont and climbed the hill through a series of not too tiring zig zags. 

The view from the top of the platform was magnificent.  The whole, neatly laid out valley lay beneath us. 

 Well, safely hooked onto the zip line with two harnesses, we took the step into oblivion and oooh my gosh, my mind and body (and big mouth too) shouted with a mixture of terror and pleasure.

The 500 meter trip over the cliffs, river (65 meters below), lawns and orchards sped by at 80km/h and the natural automatic breaking system at the end worked most effectively.  We were gently released from the zip line and adrenaline induced laughter and chatter lasted all the way back to the equipment hut.

Thankfully Adrenalin Addo has a pub and restaurant on site and with a frosty in hand we compared photos and experiences.

Next time I’m in the area, I’ll try the Giant Swing. See you there.

For more information visit www.adrenalinaddo.co.za or contact them on 078 911 1619 or [email protected] - They’re open Tues-Sun 9am - 4:30pm and closed on Mondays except school and public holidays.