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African Drumbeat will get your party rocking

African Drumbeat will get your party rocking

Drums are among the oldest musical instruments on the planet and in fact drumming itself has been used for centuries to inspire, motivate and connect people. African Drumbeat does just that...bringing the energising rhythm of the drum.

A Hi-Fi system is good, but it just will not match the impact of ten guys Drumming on  their African drums with their awe-inspiring Traditional dance performances & Zulu Dance Lesson that is offered as part of their Team Building Package...drawing you into the epic and colourful tales of Africa.

This is why, we have hired African Drumbeat to perform and entertain on more functions than I can remember. I must add that every time I hear those drums, I always feel something awakening inside me - my toes twitch, my hands sweat and my heart gets into a cheerful beat.

African Drumbeat will give your conference an energetic start, Dynamic Teambuilding or Spectacular entertainment for your special occasions. We have done all three and on every occasion - African Drumbeat has always been great.

The best experience we have had with them is when we hired them for a teambuilding exercise around a fire on one cold winter’s evening. It was Dynamic and fantastic fun... we had the time of our lives. As I type this article, I find myself smiling as I relive that evening.

Trust me, if you’re looking to fire up your Conference, Year-end party, Teambuildng or Birthday party I recommend that you give African Drumbeat a call on 082 622 8424 or visit www.africandrumbeat.co.zafor more info.