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African Pride serves fantastic meat for all occasions

African Pride serves fantastic meat for all occasions

Summer is in full swing and if you are looking for that perfectly-marbled rump steak for your weekend braais or a juicy, tasty prime marinated boneless ribs and boerewors, you have to try African Pride Meats. Their local ‘lekker’ new meat range has taken the Eastern Cape by storm!

As their name suggests, they pride themselves on supplying top local Karoo beef, pork, lamb, chicken, chops, tender Texan steaks, sizzling cheese grillers, sausages, gammon and venison and their full range of fresh and mouth-watering snacks including biltong and droëwors. In actual fact, they have around 50 products on offer.

The African Pride brand is owned by Port Elizabeth-based Lentaba Meats, which is a fourth generation business that has been feeding families in the Eastern Cape for 60 years now.

Lentaba Meats traces itself to 1953 when Fenner Moorcroft, a livestock trader and butcher based in Cradock, decided to expand his operation to livestock trading. From that day, the Moorcroft family have sought to supply only the best locally-produced meat – which is also arguably among the best in the country.

Without bragging, everyone whom I have treated to African Pride meats and snacks over a braai, dinner or Sunday lunch has always had great things to say about my choice of meat. I have also found that African Pride’s sizzling cheese grillers can be great tool to keep the kids and adults alike closer to the braai fire – the meat also tends to vanish fast!

While most people will find it frustrating trying to find a good cut or lament the disappearance of the traditional butcher shop, I have found that the availability of African Pride means I am never stuck with the limited choices at the local supermarket.

This is important for me as, like most proud South Africans, I love my biltong and droëwors – and I have found that African Pride make the best.

My motto has always been; if you know of a good butcher, make him your friend. Make friends with African Pride at your local  Pick ‘n Pay - in the Eastern Cape and in the Garden Route. Trust me, your local butcher is going to find himself hard pressed to match African Pride’s selection and pricing.

To find out more about African Pride, visit their website www.africanpridemeats.co.za and like their Facebook page. They also offer some great recipes on the page!