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African Transformation Movement on 2019 Matric Results

Jan 8, 2020
African Transformation Movement on 2019 Matric Results

East London - The African Transformation Movement (ATM) on Wednesday welcomed the efforts and results of the Class of 2019, which have yielded a 3.1 percentage increase in the matric results, giving the country an 81.3% pass rate.

"ATM applauds the attempts of the ministry, teachers, leaners, parents and all concerned groups in the administering of a necessary impartation program endowed with the power to diminish the dictates, effects and limitations of colonialism in the South African society," said spokesperson, Mxolisi Makhubu.

"ATM is pleased with the upward trajectory in the performance of districts and provinces as it inspires hope for an ordinary South African that one’s location and environment would never be a determining factor on whether a person will or not achieve in life."

Makhubu said that it is for this reason that ATM calls for the creation of a conducive environment in public schools throughout the country so as to establish a healthy culture of teaching and learning.

"This will then give solace to the 98% of parents who have opted for public institutions for the education of their children and give them the assurance that excellence and a brighter future for their children is guaranteed," he added.

"ATM further calls for the eradication of all dehumanising structures which still prevail in our system so that South Africa keeps true to its promise and ideal of the restoration of human dignity and the creation of an equal and inclusive society for all.

"ATM notes with great concern that the system still harbours a lot of progressed learners with a very low propensity towards a successful completion of the course."

Makhubu further said that this year, 125 691 progressed leaners were registered and only 23 485 were able to write and pass their 7 subjects, this then means that only 18, 69 % passed and the system will still harbour the rest for 2020 adding to those who would have progressed in 2019.

"ATM calls for the strengthening of early childhood development programs so as to increase a leaners ability to read with understating, have increased ability to deal with numbers and be literate. ATM also calls for an assessment program that can detect the abilities and inclinations of leaners earlier on, so that alternative methods of education and empowerment may be introduced at an earlier age as society seeks to produce independent yet successful citizens," he added.

"The ATM further note that, though the number of Bachelors and Distinctions have increased, the success rate of the system with Mathematics it still a matter of concern and needs government to lead in finding a lasting solution for this challenge.

"Lastly, ATM believes that a decolonised, good quality, inclusive, free and compulsory education system can deliver the ultimate for this country – an empowered citizenry fashioned not only to deal with the harshness of the environment but an enlightened patriotic citizen that can meaningfully contribute towards the total liberation of the previously disadvantaged by dismantling all strong holds of colonialism and those who still perpetuate its spirit of segregation while locking out the majority of citizens from true liberation."

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