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AfriForum Port Elizabeth appeals for contributions to take on Municipality Over 'IPTS corruption'

JANUARY 7, 2015
AfriForum Port Elizabeth appeals for contributions to take on Municipality Over 'IPTS  corruption'

AfriForum Port Elizabeth on Wednesday appealed to local residents for financial contributions towards a “collective” civil case against the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s (NMBM) senior officials whom it alleges have been involved in corruption in the roll out of the city’s multi-million-Rand Integrated Public Transport System (IPTS).

“… let us collectively make AfriForum PE financially strong in order to have the financial support AfriForum will provide us with to bring these criminals to task,” appealed Vice Chairperson, Kobus Gerber.

He said that interested residents can sign a debit order with AfriForum “for a monthly donation of between R50 - R100 (depending on affordability) and become a part of the AfriForum family who will fight for your rights and will act on your behalf on any Metro related cases.

“AfriForum PE debit order forms will be sent to you to sign up with head office in Pretoria. NB: Your form must state that you are from Port Elizabeth in order for the necessary budget to be allocated to PE.”

Gerber said that after listening to “promises made by the politicians” in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality over the past six years, it had become apparent that “all these promises are no more than lies whilst the looting of the ratepayers coffers continues.”  

He maintains; “Key officials within the institution have become political appointments in order that they can be manipulated to carry out the political mandate and if any official dare go against this political pressure then they are removed.

“Examples of this are evident when we consider what happened to Advocate Graham Richard and Dr Lindiwe.

“It also explains why the NMB Metro has not had a permanent City Manager for the previous six years.”

Flouting of supplying management

He said that due to political influence and pressure, proper Supply Chain processes were not being followed within the municipality “and officials are awarding tenders to friends, family and co-business partners”.

“This in turn does not allow for a fair tender process and renders the entire Supply Chain Management of the metro flawed and corrupt. As a result of this irregular tender process the few chosen contractors continue to receive tenders from the metro,” said Gerber.

“In addition, the Metro is often charged in excess of a market related price, sometimes three or four times more than what the Metro would have paid should a normal fair procurement process have been followed.

“For this reason the Auditor General's audit report for the 2013/14 financial year proved that R900 million was unaccounted for, lost, missing, wasted or stolen. Can we allow and afford this to continue as the economy of the Metro can no longer survive this abuse of ratepayers monies and government funding."

He said a civil suit was the way forward in removing the corrupt officials and politicians and those responsible for financial mismanagement.

“Should we sue them in a civil court and get judgement against them for defrauding ratepayers monies, we can then take that judgment and open a criminal case and it would be very difficult for them to walk away without being found guilty,” Gerber said.

“We need accountability and that’s what we must fight for to root out all corruption in our city and country.

“Just remember that the next budget is on the table to be approved soon and once again we will subsidise all lost monies due to corruption.”