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Agang slammed for withdrawn motion

Agang slammed for withdrawn motion

Agang SA’s decision to suddenly withdraw its motion of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma, has received wide scale criticism from opposition parties with the Democratic Alliance (DA), African National Congress (ANC) and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) accusing the party of wasting the country’s time.

The party’s deputy president, Andries Tlouamma, reportedly withdrew the motion eight minutes into the sitting in the National Assembly yesterday, out of protest for the matter being presided over by Speaker Baleka Mbete.

His request for an alternative presiding officer was withheld with Mbele telling him, “Honourable Tlouamma, I am presiding and I have no intention of withdrawing.” The motion was then withdrawn to the dismay of surprised parties who immediately took a swipe at Tlouamma.

“He must really stop playing games, we really don’t want that, we are the opposition yes we want a motion of no confidence in Zuma but playfulness will not suit this house,” EFF Deputy President Floyd Shivambu said.

In a statement on the party’s website, DA Deputy Chief Whip, Mike Waters, said that Agang had made a “mockery out of Parliament” and that their on-the-sport decision, was a clear indication that they “don’t have the political will or acumen to follow through with decisions”, adding that South Africa deserves an apology.

“Their decision comes at a time when pressing issues, like the economy and unemployment are at crisis levels, and the country’s constitutional democracy is being threatened,” Waters wrote.

“Agang knew that Speaker Baleka Mbete would not recuse herself and that there would be no secret ballot, yet they made a conscious decision to keep the motion on the Order Paper, only to withdraw it during the debate”.

Similarly, ANC Chief Whip, Stone Sizani, who earlier described the motion as “heading for the dustbin of Parliament”, said, according to Eyewitness News, that Agang was desperate for publicity and that Tlouamma’s sudden withdrawal was an abuse of the constitution.

“He has as right but that right has been abused because we all agreed that we would debate this motion, but because he has decided to withdraw it in a malicious way we would not have any topic to debate”.

The motion, tabled in November last year, had been due 12 days after Zuma’s State of the Nation Address, but faced subsequent delays after Agang had failed to secure an interdict preventing Mbete from presiding over the matter.


IMAGE sourced from Agang Facebook page