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Agreement reached to use councillor's office as a SAPS contact station for Walmer

Nov 22, 2017
Agreement reached to use councillor's office as a SAPS contact station for Walmer

Following the violent protest witnessed in Walmer on Tuesday over the closure of a satellite police station, police in Port Elizabeth say that the Walmer area of Port Elizabeth will continue to be adequately policed.

According to police information, protesters began gathering at the entrance of the Walmer location early in the morning to show their unhappiness about the closure of the Fountains contact station, which was manned by the SAPS.

"By 10:00 about 1 000 protestors gathered and blocked off the roads at 9th Avenue and Heugh Roads with burning tyres," said police spokesperson, Colonel Priscilla Naidu

However, according to the SAPS, the contact station that was closed about 9 months ago, was in a building that was in a derelict condition and could not be used.

"The building belongs to the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality.

"SAPS Walmer police management and councillors from the area held a meeting and it was agreed that an office at the councillor’s building, in the Walmer location, will be made available for the SAPS," said Colonel Naidu.

"Two members will be posted during the night and the community may report to this office for assistance.

The Station Commander of SAPS Walmer, Colonel Jakob Flemmer, also assured the community of Walmer location that service delivery will not be hampered and that the people of Walmer location will be policed.

"Through our Back to Basics approach to policing, every effort will be made to ensure the safety and security of the people of Walmer. We appreciate the working relationship between the community leaders and the SAPS in finding joint solutions to our challenges," added Col Flemmer.

Four people have been arrested for Public Violence and would appear in court on Wednesday.