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AIDC / jobs fund partnership will create an estimated 2 000 jobs

Nov 19, 2014
AIDC / jobs fund partnership will create an estimated 2 000 jobs

A partnership between the Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC) Eastern Cape and Jobs Fund administered by the Development Bank of Southern Africa will create an estimated 2 000 jobs through the “competitiveness improvements” made as well as an estimated 5 000 indirect jobs.

In a statement, the AIDC said that to eac.zansure the Eastern Cape’s manufacturing sector was a major beneficiary of the Jobs Fund, it had trained and placed 37 unemployed engineers in the region’s manufacturing sector last year.

The additional 45 engineers this week joined Phase 2 of the AIDC’s training programme and would be placed in the industry within the next 12 months.

The AIDC said a “unique feature” of the programme, which includes 12 months of theory and on-the-job training, was the placement of the engineers into Eastern Cape manufacturing plants for 12 months at no cost to host companies.

It said the engineers on the programme last year had assisted their host companies to achieve savings of R16 million annually through specific projects to which they were assigned. Trained in additional specialist skills 37 participants in Phase 1 had been employed at manufacturers across the region, including Benteler South Africa, Johnson Controls, and Mercedes Benz.

AIDC Eastern Cape MD Lance Schultz says the value of graduates to industry is “significant.

“Their ability to make contributions is enabled by quality training and maturity levels. Our records show that more than 50% of programme participants have five years’ experience or more.

“As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC), the AIDC is focussed on both job creation and assisting the private manufacturing sector to become sustainable and profitable, which is key to job retention and growth.

“The Jobs Fund Programme run by the AIDC Eastern Cape is an ideal vehicle to achieve both of these objectives,” he says, adding that the programme has introduced advanced engineering capabilities to the region including simulation and design. - metrominutes


IMAGE sourced from amtc.nmmu.