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AirAsia QZ8501: Second black box retrieved

AirAsia QZ8501: Second black box retrieved

Indonesian Navy divers have recovered the cockpit voice recorder from the AirAsia flight that crashed into the Java Sea on December 28th. This follows the discovery of the flight data recorders yesterday.

According to reports, the recorder, discovered beneath a section of the plane’s wing 30m below the ocean, will be taken to the capital Jakarta, for side-by-side analysis with the data loggers. During the weekend, investigators managed to retrieve the tail section of the downed Airbus A320 where the so-called black boxes are placed, but which had been missing allegedly due to the manner in which plane crashed into the ocean.

Air traffic control lost contact 42 minutes after the plane had taken off from Surabaya in Indonesia, en-route to Singapore with 162 passengers on board. A reported 48 bodies have so far been discovered with no sign of any survivors.


IMAGE sourced from www.airlines-inform.com