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al-Bashir saga: ICC gives SA a month to explain

al-Bashir saga: ICC gives SA a month to explain

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has reportedly questioned South Africa’s failure to arrest Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, during his attendance of the African Union Summit in June.

In statement seen by Reuters, the ICC indicated it had given South Africa time until October 5th to explain why al-Bashir, who is wanted in connection with charges relating to genocide in Darfur, had been allowed to leave the Summit on June 15th, despite the issuing of a court order the previous day barring him from departing.

A subsequent court sitting nine days later found that the departure was in direct violation of the pending order and that government failed to apprehend him despite being aware of the accusations and promising to do so.

Last week, an impeachment motion brought by the Democratic Alliance against President Jacob Zuma, was struck off the roll after a 211 versus 100 vote in establishing an ad-hoc committee.