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al-Bashir saga: “State appealing doesn’t change fact that it broke rules”- DA

By Charl Bosch - Jun 29, 2015
al-Bashir saga: “State appealing doesn’t change fact that it broke rules”- DA

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has hit out at the African National Congress (ANC) after the ruling party earlier today announced that it would be appealing the Pretoria High Court’s decision involving it in the departure of Sudanese President, Omar al-Bashir, two weeks ago.

Speaking in a statement, party Federal Chairperson James Selfe described government’s apposing of Judge President Dunstan Mlambo’s verdict, as merely a way of spending “more public money on evading consequences of unlawful actions” and that their appeal “doesn’t change the fact that laws were broken”.

“As the court stated, government facilitated “the departure of President al-Bashir from this country before the finalisation of this application which demonstrates non-compliance with that order,”Selfe said.

“The court is clear in its ruling. Government definitely broke the law but has now chosen the path of a vexatious litigant knocking on the door of the courts who have spoken clearly on this matter.

He also stated that government under President Jacob Zuma has shown a “flagrant disregard for the Rule of Law” and that they knowingly broke the law despite being aware of the consequences.

“This is an ANC in government which we have come to expect. By not respecting the Rule of Law, and equality before the law, government is setting the worst possible example for citizens. Members of Cabinet now sit in meetings and effectively decide that certain people, most often friends of President Jacob Zuma, are above the law,” Selfe said, adding that they plan on challenging the state’s forthcoming affidavit.