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Albany Bakeries launches new Low-GI bread, Bread-A-Betix

May 3, 2018
Albany Bakeries launches new Low-GI bread, Bread-A-Betix

Albany Bakeries has launched a new low-GI bread, Bread-A-Betix, suitable for the health-conscious, and for those who want to manage their blood sugar levels and control body weight, when eaten as part of a balanced diet.

According to the latest South African Demographic and Health Survey, almost two thirds of women and a third of men in this country are overweight or obese. South Africa has the highest rates for women in Africa, while 13% of South African children are overweight or obese, which is more than double the global average of 5%.

Being overweight or obese is known to increase your chances of developing major issues such as strokes, heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes.

There is evidence that low-GI diets are the most effective way of managing body weight, and more importantly, blood sugar levels. Low-GI foods give you more sustained energy levels across the day. With more sustained energy levels, you might find you aren’t very hungry during the day.

Research also shows that eating low-GI food is the most effective way of managing body weight, and more importantly, blood sugar levels. There is also growing evidence that low-GI diets can help to prevent type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers.

Low-GI bread like Bread-A-Betix also contains fibre, which is essential as it helps to control blood sugar and cholesterol. It also reduces the risk of heart disease and bowel cancer, helps to maintain bowel health, aids in achieving a healthy weight, and increases the feeling of fullness. Feeling full not only stops you from eating every hour to satiate your hunger, but it also curbs you from having to reach for foods that might not be low GI, and which could give you quick energy spikes, followed by a low.

Owing to its health benefits, affordability, taste and versatility, bread plays a key role in the South African diet. It’s eaten on average once or twice a day, and is mostly consumed in the morning. Heavy bread users tend to be lower LSM, while higher LSM consumption is low. Bread features in almost half of all eating occasions, with a slightly lower prevalence during the week and mid-month.

Aside from its fibre benefits, bread, including Bread-A-Betix, also contains important nutrients, and when consumed in the right amount, can be part of a healthy lifestyle. These nutrients include carbohydrates (for energy), protein (for growth, and renewal and repair of muscles), and micronutrients such as vitamin A, iron, zinc and some B vitamins (for releasing energy from food).

Bread-A-Betix is available in whole wheat brown, seeded brown, and white varieties. With three types, there’s more choice, and you can mix and match according to your preference. Bread-A-Betix can be enjoyed in the same way as regular bread - in sandwiches, and as an accompaniment or addition to salads, soup, cheese, eggs, chicken, meat and fish dishes.

“We are excited that we can offer a tasty solution to those wanting to manage their body weight and control their blood sugar levels in a region that has high prevalence of diseases of lifestyle,” says Mate Mohlala, Brand Manager for Bread-A-Betix.

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Albany Bread-A-Betix breads are available at a recommended retail price of R14.99 for the white, R13.99 for the seeded brown, and R12.99 for the wholewheat.  They’re currently only available in stores in the Western Cape.