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Albany Bakeries launches two hot cross bun variants to suit all tastes

Mar 14, 2018
Albany Bakeries launches two hot cross bun variants to suit all tastes

Whatever your flavour, Albany has you covered. Whether you love indulgent chocolate or the good ol tastes of spices and raisins, Albany will delight you with its new D’Light Hot Cross Buns in Traditional and Chocolate variants.

The hot cross buns are available in major stores nationwide for a limited time only (so you better get them while they’re still hot on the shelves). Enjoy them with a cup of coffee, or share with the kids for breakfast. Pop them into lunchboxes, take them on picnics, or serve them to guests for tea, and forget the stress!

“This season, we’re “D’lighted” to offer delicious hot cross buns that suit everyone, and Albany is proud to be dishing up buns to consumers for the first time,” says Bontu Mulaudzi, Albany Bakeries Brand Manager. “We realised that not everyone loves the traditional flavours of raisins and spices, and so we launched a chocolate variety to ensure everyone gets to enjoy this wonderful Easter treat.”

Indulge in them toasted or plain, or take inspiration from these sensational serving ideas:

  1. Toast with butter and drizzle with honey
  2. Top with cheese and jam
  3. Spread with Black Cat peanut butter and All Gold jam, or a chocolate spread
  4. Spread with All Gold marmalade and Mascarpone
  5. Create cheesecake buns with cream cheese and berries
  6. Spread marshmallow fluff onto toasted buns to create instant “Smores”
  7. Create an ice cream sandwich with two toasted sides and your favourite flavoured ice cream
  8. Slice hot cross buns, and butter on each. Spread chocolate on the unbuttered side, sandwich together, and fry the toasties for a few minutes until gooey
  9. Use hot cross buns instead of bread for French toast
  10. Dip into caramel sauce

Find out more at Albany D’Light or follow Albany on Facebook and Instagram for the sweetest ideas and inspiration.

Albany D’Light Hot Cross Buns are available in packs of six at a recommended retail price of R19.99. They’re available on shelf until the first week of May.

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