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Albany buns and rolls promotion serves up summer social snacking for holiday-makers

Dec 20, 2017
Albany buns and rolls promotion serves up summer social snacking for holiday-makers

Summer brings hot sun, late sunsets and social snacking with Albany’s Convenience Buns & Rolls Summer.  It’s the handy, pop in your bag snack, or dash into the kitchen to grab a quick bite for quick meals that satisfy and sustain. 

Albany Buns & Rolls are great for tucking into on a long journey when you are stuck in a car for a couple of hours or more. Or just hanging out by the pool or with friends in one of the country’s great parks or gardens.

Summer Bunnies are the convenient snack to take you through long, hot summer days. 

There will be sampling all around the country at toll gates on the main routes including N3 South towards Durban, N1 South towards Polokwane, N4 South towards Rustenburg, N1 South towards Bloemfontein among others.  

Shisa Nyama’s will also play a role in this promotion with convenience meals complete with Summer Bunnies and Rolls that will be promoted at some of these high profile venues.  Albany is also partnering with a range of outdoor music events as the supplier of Buns & Rolls meal packs for all show fans.


You will find Albany at Eyadini Lounge in Durban, Max’s Lifestyle in Durban and DJ Shimza’s Ninth Annual One Man Show in Tembisa.

The campaign started on 16 December and runs until 25 December 2017 to ensure all bun and roll-loving South Africans get to sample the summer lifestyle of the super convenient Albany Buns & Rolls.  

And that’s not all. Albany is right on the sizzling summer track with even more festive offers. With iiBig Days customers will get free rolls with the purchase of any of Albany’s standard loaves. “We are very excited to reach the consumer in this new summer focused dual campaign.

We are confident that we are hitting the right note with social snacking and the undeniable demand for convenience particularly among the youth,” says Mmaphuti Rankapole, marketing director, Tiger Brands.

“It’s the essence of our brand. Feel the love, feel the freshness – iiBig smiles all summer long.”

There is also a digital campaign to involve consumers in a way they love best. Selfies. Consumers will be invited to send in lifestyle pictures that illustrate how they are enjoying Albany products throughout the summer.